360 degree Panoramas

These are some of the 360 degree panoramas that I’ve done. Clicking on any of the thumbnails below will take you to that panorama. Once there click and drag the mouse to look anywhere in the image, or use the control buttons on the bottom. You can even look straight up or straight down.

These are large, high resolution files, so please give them a minute to load. Use your browsers back button to come back here to view another panorama. Try the full screen mode for full immersion!

Big House Big Heart is a charity race that Running Fit puts on every year. This was taken at the starting line about ten minutes before the start.

This is after the Big House Big Heart race was over. I waited till almost everyone was out take this panorama at the 50 yard line inside the stadium.

The boys and I went to Oshkosh for the airshow, we met a couple of my uncles, and wondered around for four days. Lots of cool aircraft, and lots of sun and heat.

This is an HDR panoram of the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. A small group of us from the photography club got a “private” tour, one of the club members joined the theater’s support group.

This is the Brighton Mill Pond park. This boardwalk extends over the pond and actually goes along behind some restaurants.