All Clubs Day – 2017

One of the local towns hosts an All Clubs Day event for motorcycles.  They have one in May and one in September.  The one in May is kind of an informal meet, nothing planned, everybody just shows up and hangs out.  This years turnout was pretty good, 250-300 bikes probably.  Motorcycles of every kind and make.

There always some nice vintage bikes that show up.

Then there’s this one, looks cool, but I don’t know how comfortable it would be on a long distance ride.

There’s always some cool sidecars there also.

Here’s a few more pictures.

The one in September is when a lot of the clubs in SE Michigan put up a display or tent and do some recruiting.  There’s always a HUGE turnout for that one.  Bikes will be parked a block or two away from the town square.  Watch this video I made from last year.