Bathroom Apocalypse

We’ve started the remodel on the master bath this weekend.  We’re going to take out the old fiberglass shower insert and replace it with tile.  We’re putting white subway tile in the shower with three rows of smoked glass subway tile at about eye level, and small river stone on the floor of the shower.

this is what the river stone tile looks like, except ours will be a bit lighter in color

Then we have a light grey-ish honed limestone on the floor, WHICH WILL BE HEATED. No more cold bathroom floors in the morning.  It’ll have a thermostat that turns it on for the times we set, so it’ll be nice and warm when we get up in the morning.  Everything else is getting replaced also.  Cheryl’s brother Mike is making our vanity for us, he does really nice cabinet work out in Las Vegas.  Go here to see some of his work.

The tile guy is coming out on Tuesday to cut out the shower stall and remove the old tile.  Then he’ll build a new shower and do all the prep work for tiling.  I spent the weekend removing all the other stuff, the sink and vanity, and the shower door and hardware.  I also ran a new separate electrical line for the heated floor, as it had to have it’s own dedicated circuit.

It’s still early in the game, but so far nothing tragic has come up.  Here’s a few pictures of the progress so far.

looking in

looking out


sink and vanity pulled out

This shows the hole I had to cut for the heated floor controller and where I drilled through the wall and floor to run the wire from the electrical box in the basement.

The toilet will come out Monday evening and then everything will be ready for the demo on Tuesday.  I’ll keep posting throughout the remodel, so check back every couple of days or so.

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