The Cement Board’s in

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Under the tile is a layer of what’s called cement board.  This gives the tile a firm base to sit on that won’t flex or crack. Unlike the original contractor, who put wall tile on the floor right over the plywood sub-floor.

In the shower he poured in cement and shaped it so that the water will drain to the center and not pool anywhere. There’ll be a marble threshold on the little wall that’ll help visually break up the tile in the shower from the tile on the floor, a heated floor by the way.


shower stall

Two cubby holes, one for the shampoo bottles and such, and the smaller one down below to step on when I shave my legs.

cubby holes

Friday, the tile will start going up in the shower stall. The floor tile was damaged in shipping so had to be reordered, it’s supposed to come  in the middle of next week.  Still, lots to do in the mean time.

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