Irish Hills Prehistoric Forest


I read about this place on the internet a couple of years ago and decided it was a good place to start my urban exploring. It was close and relatively open (not behind barbed wire or such) and one of the guys I regularly shoot with knew right where it was located in Irish Hills. We didn’t get around going there till Oct. of 2010

During our bit of research, we had read that the place was near impossible to get into. Fencing surrounded the place and there were hidden motion sensors all around. Thom (the guy that i can run faster than) and I talked about this for a while and figured there probably weren’t any motion sensors. No one’s going to pay for the electricity to power the things all year long, and there would have been a ton of false alarms, what with all the critters that have to be running around back there in the woods.

After driving by a couple of times to make sure there weren’t any armed guards, we pulled into a turnout about 50 yards down the road and walked back


I guess these are the condos where everyone lived, complete with balcony, deck and a jungle gym out front for the kids. The fencing didn’t go all around like we had read, but stops at either end of the front of the property. We just walked around one end of the fence and headed towards the back of the park, staying away from the front. Our first encounter was the mighty T-Rex.


Who looked like he’d had recent hip surgery. And then there was that strange cactus over there on the right.

These giant mushrooms were scattered all around the place too. I think the the time periods were a bit mixed up.

We walked around some, following a path as long as it stayed away from the front of the park.

For some reason, that tree reminds me of a cartoon from sometime in the 50′s. There’s a face on the other side, but I didn’t get a shot of it.


This snake was about 2 ft around and probably 25 ft long.

I get the feeling that the designer of the park was influenced by some early 60′s cartoons, as evidenced by the next couple of images.


I’m feeling a definite Flintstones vibe from both of those.

The park was relatively clean and undamaged, other than by time and weather. This was the worst we saw. This one was drug off it’s mounts into the middle of the pathway and beat up a bit. We didn’t see any trash or graffiti , which made us think that the park doesn’t get much traffic.

Some of the “exhibits” had these signs that gave you a description of whatever you were looking at. I especially liked when the signs gave you a description of their diets.

Time was definitely not kind to this doodoo bird, he looks like he’s got a bad case of the mange.

I had to save Thom from getting eaten a couple of times. Always pay attention to your surroundings. All in all, we had a good time. It was a nice sunny day, and we were walking around in the woods and taking pictures. Can’t get any better than that.






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