Hopewell Rally, Hocking Hills, Ohio 2016

Heading down to Hocking Hills Campgrounds for the Hopewell BMW Rally. Left Thursday morning. This is the first trip using my newly built trailer.

I was happy with how nicely it pulls behind the bike.  You can definitely feel that pull from behind, but it’s very smooth and tracks nice and straight.  I found that you have to keep the tongue weight up or it will start to wag a bit, scary on the bike because it starts to wag also.

Arrived around 4:30-5:00 and there were a few other people there already.  We set up camp and went for a short ride.

Friday morning we went to a couple of the caves and waterfalls in the area. There was a lot of nice riding and some beautiful scenery.  When we got back, there was quite a few more riders that had shown up.

This is where I first saw  the Redverz tent and thought, I gotta have one of those.  I’m tired of hunching over in my short tent, trying to get dressed rolling around on the ground.  You can actually stand up in these, next to your motorcycle parked underneath.

The next day, we got together with some of the other riders at the rally and went on a group ride to see some of the Indian mounds in the area.

This was actually one of the mounds, in the middle of a sub-division.

This is the lake that the campgrounds were next to.  We weren’t right next to the lake, you had to hike about a half mile to see it.  This was on Sunday morning, just before we were getting ready to leave.

Beautiful  scenery and weather combined to make this one of the nicer rides I’ve been on so far.  Looking forward to going again next year.