Lake Superior Circle Tour

Myself and three other guys are going on an eight day circle tour of Lake Superior. We’re leaving on Friday, the 27th of July and getting back on Saturday the 4th of August. Here’s the planned route.

Click on full screen icon in the top right and it’ll open up in Google Maps.

We’re traveling clockwise on the route, taking time to make stops at different places.  Our average daily mileage is going to be around 250~300 miles, with a total of about 2250 miles.  We’ll be camping for the first three days, on the fourth day we’re going to take a camping break and stay at a motel for the night.  We can take a break from the daily setup and take down of our tents,  and get a shower and a good nights sleep.

I’m also going to try and post at the end of each day, but we’ll see how that goes.  Check back often and watch us go around the lake.