Mason Fly-In

On August 19th, the Experimental Aircraft Association had a pancake breakfast/fly-in at the Mason-Jewett airfield.  I recently sold all of my Canon camera equipment and switched to a Sony mirror-less camera, an Alpha A7 II, and this was the perfect opportunity to run it through it’s paces.

I met up with a guy I used to work with, Michael Kraus, who builds his own airplanes. His current one is the third he’s built on his own, and he’s helped a friend build two others.  This one’s a Kitfox Super Sport 7 with a Rotac R2800, 7 cylinder radial engine that produces 110 HP.  It’s an all fabric covered aircraft, and he did an absolutely beautiful job on it.

At the 2017 Ohskosh fly-in he won Grand Champion in the Light Sport category.

I especially like the paint scheme he did on the tail.

It was a nice sunny day, and there were a lot of aircraft that flew in.  I’ve never been very good at identifying cars, and the same applies to aircraft, so I’ll just show a bunch of pictures of some of the planes that showed up.

There was another Kitfox in attendance.

There was quite a few biplanes.  I’ve always liked the way the old radial engines sound.

There was a kit biplane too.

There was an old restored Air Force trainer.

Here’s a home built gyro-copter that was pretty cool.  I didn’t get a chance to see it fly though, that would’ve been cool.

A home built ultra-light.

There was also a model T club that was there with some beautifully restored cars.

I spent a few hours wondering around and taking picture and video with the new camera. It’ll take me a bit longer to get used to the position of the buttons and how the menus work, but overall I’m very happy with the Sony A7 II.