New Computer Build

My current computer has been having a hard time keeping up with my photography and video, especially since I upgraded my camera last year to a Canon 5D, which is 13 megapixel.  It’s about four or five years old, and in computer years, it’s practically a dinosaur.  So I decided to build a kick-but graphics computer.

I also knew that I didn’t want to build just a generic box, I wanted to do something clever.  I’ve seen computers built out of legos and old radio cabinets, but I wanted to something that no one’s thought of before. Then one day, cruising ebay for computer cases, I saw it. An Apple Power Mac G4 case. I was going to build a Windows computer in an Apple case. The cleverness was just mind boggling.

‘Course,  turns out I’m not really as clever as I thought.  Seems it’s been done before……several times in fact.  Cheryl still thinks I’m clever.


I’ve always like the styling of these, and for some reason they remind me of shark eggs, well…. except they’re not black, and not really square, but anyways…  I found this one from a local seller on ebay, he was selling rebuilt G4’s. I e-mailed him and asked if he had an empty case I could buy. Turns out he buys them by the pallet load, rebuilds them and puts them back in to circulation, as a low cost way to get into Apple computers.  This one was in excellent shape, with only a couple of light scuff marks which should buff out nicely.

After getting it home, I started gutting it.  The designing that went into these cases is well thought out, everything is easily accessible and removed with only a couple of screws or sliding along a tab.  I really liked the way the side hinges down with the pull of that ring towards the top, giving you full access to the insides.


I pulled everything out that could come out.  The drive tray was held in by a couple of screws that once removed, just slid out the front as a single piece.


Then I removed all the plastic pieces from the outside.  The handles and left /right sides were help on by some 5mm screws and some plastic tabs inside.  Once I got all the plastic off, it looked like a regular computer case.  There’s a lot of parts there.

The Next step is to start the modification of the case itself, mostly so the micro-atx motherboard will fit, but I can’t do that till I have all the parts.  I asked a friend in California that builds computers to put together a list for a killer graphics computer.  I gave him my budget, and a few days later he emailed the list.


4×4 = 16 GB DDR3 1333 RAM

i5-2320 BOX Intel CPU 3.0GHz Sandybridge Quad Core

64GB Samsung Series 470 SSD

GT440 w/1GB RAM PCI-E video card

12X Blue Ray drive

I’m off to spend some money.




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