Phase III Has Started

We finally started phase 3 of the flooring and the kitchen remodel. Ideally, we wanted everything like the appliances, flooring and cabinets ready before we started so that there would be minimum delay with the construction. It’s still scheduled to take 6 weeks, but the way it’s going I’m hoping that it’ll be shorter.

Sub-flooring and cabinets are out.

We did all of the demo ourselves, which really wasn’t that much. The cabinets came out fairly easy, Cameron took the old dishwasher and the trash took the old stove. I get to keep 3 of the upper cabinets to put out in the garage for storage. The ones I have now are about 20 years old and are starting to fall apart. Taking out the built-in pantry wasn’t that difficult, just a lot of work and drywall dust…. everywhere. Fortunately, the sub-floor for the linoleum wasn’t glued down just stapled. Really stapled. I mean a LOT of staples. Especially along the joints.

Too many staples.

The last time i had to remove some sub-flooring like this, I took my pry bar and used a dremel tool to grind a couple of small fingers on one end to fit under the staples.

A couple of quick taps to get under the staple and a good yank on the pry bar and they came right up, there’s was just so many. As we’re going to continue the flooring through kitchen and dinning room, they all had to come up, I didn’t just want to pound them into the main sub-flooring. So I scooted around on my but for a couple of hours prying out these damn staples.

We’ve had the flooring for about a month now and we’ll be ready to in stall it next weekend. I’m taking a couple of days off and we’ll do it over a long weekend. After that, I’ll be ready for a break so I’ll go back to my regular job.

Contractor came in on Thursday and widened the doorway from the kitchen to the “formal” dining room by about 6″ on both sides.

Widened doorway and removed built in pantry.

He also cut some holes in the drywall for access to the plumbing and vent hood that’s going in.

Don’t know why the original builders had to run the drain for the sinks like this instead of just one main pipe, two of the lowers had to have this gaping hole cut into the backs of them to make room for this mess. The plumber will be correcting this when he comes in next week. The contractor also cut some access in the ceiling so we can have a real vent hood that goes to the outside, not just re-circulate the cooking odors around with a fan over the stove. When he cut the first section, he ran into the heating/AC vent for one of the upstairs bedrooms so he had to shift over one floor joist.

He left this end loose so when the cabinet installers go to put in the vent hood, they’ll have room to wiggle it around a bit so that it will fit correctly. Then they’ll fix it in place.

It’s only been a week without the kitchen so far, but we’re not doing too bad. We’ve kind of shifted the kitchen upstairs to the bedrooms. We’ve turned Cameron’s old room into the pantry/kitchen…

we’re doing dishes in the upstairs bathroom…

and Jonathan’s old room is being used to put all of the pots & pans, dishes, cooking utensils and silverware.

The whole thing hasn’t been too disruptive so far, but as the weeks go on, we’ll see how it goes. The electrician and HVAC guys come in next week and when they’re done the drywallers come in and patch it all up. Then it’s our turn. We might paint first, we’ll see how quickly the drywall gets done, and then it’s flooring time. I’ll post updates as they come.