Shower’s Out

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So, Tuesday the shower came out. The contractor had to cut it into six or seven pieces to get it out of the bathroom. He also got all the tile out, used an electric chisel. Most of it was glued down pretty good, but there was one section that practically came up on its own.


shower's out

The contractors that build our house, being the generous people that they were, left us a present. We found this when the shower enclosure was cut out.


After everything was cleaned up, it was time for me to do some plumbing. I had to install a new shower fixture.

It took me about two hours to cut out the old fixture and sweat in the new one, and I got it on the first try, no leaks when I turned the water back on.

new shower fixture

Wednesday, the tiler is going to build the new enclosure and put up the cement board in the shower, along with getting the floor ready for tile.

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