The Bedroom Floor

Phase one of our flooring project starts with the bedroom and closets. Since the bathroom floor is about 3/4 of an inch higher that the finished flooring will be, we have to have a custom threshold made out of hickory and stained to match the rest of the floor.

Pulling up the carpet was easy enough, and making sure that everything was flat and smooth so the flooring would lay flat.


We used a black felt paper that helps prevent the flooring from squeaking against the sub-floor.  Roll out a couple of rows and start with the first row of planking.  We laid out the first row so that when we got to the living room and hallway, the plank lines would still be straight along the length of the hall.  We didn’t want to walk in the front door and have the lines of the planks going off at an angle.  Lots of measurements and laying out of chalk lines, from the hallway to the bedroom, helped to ensure we kept thinks straight.

The first three rows had to be straight nailed because the nailer (in the above photo) couldn’t be used when it was too close to the wall.

The wood we’re using is called distressed hickory, it’s a 3/4″ solid tongue and groove hardwood.  The cool thins is that it’s got lots of little “flaws” in it.  Worm holes, cracks and knots that weren’t cut out of the planking.  So we had planks laying out all over the place, picking out the best ones so that they weren’t under the bed or other furniture.

The hardest, most time consuming, was making all the cuts for in the two closets.  Once I got past that part, it went fairly smooth, we got the floor done over the weekend.

Instead of stopping the floor in the bedroom, waiting for Phase II, we decided to carry it out into the hallway and stop it there.  I laid one last row of junk pieces down to protect the tongue of the good planks while we got ready to start the next part. That way we could walk on it and not worry about destroying the last good row.