Thumb Run – 2016

Friday brought in a beautiful morning for a ride to the thumb.  I met Steve Miller at his house and then we went over to Highway 25 to ride the east coast of the thumb up to Port Austin.  We took a leisurely ride, made a couple of stops along the way and pulled into camp about 4:00.  After setting up camp we went for a ride into Port Austin for dinner.  Afterwards we found this ice cream shop that served HUGE scoops of ice scream.  Their small single scoop is 14oz!!  Back at camp, we started a fire and relaxed for the evening.

We woke up Saturday to a bit of overcast skies.  We geared up and went looking for this old gas pump that Steve remembers seeing and though it would be a good photo op, park the bike in front and snap some pictures. We found it in Kilmanagh, looked like it was in front of an old brothel out of the wild west.

Next we went to the Point Aux Barques lighthouse.  Wandered around a bit then headed back to camp.  Weather kept calling for rain and it showed up about 4:30 in the afternoon.  We waited it out, it only rained for about a half hour, and then geared up and went to dinner.  The winds stayed up all through the night and into the next morning.  We had another fire with a few more members that evening. Another fine day of riding.

Sunday morning, most of us were up early and packing to head home.  Steve and I left about 8:30, past the wind farms with a nice sunrise to the east.  Another great ride with fantastic weather.  I’ve made a Google Map with all of the tracks from the weekend, check it out.